General Qualifications

• Income at least 3x rent
• Credit history should reflect applicant uses credit responsibly
• 2 years verifiable ownership / rent history
• No evictions (no exceptions)

Submission Instructions

1) Complete and submit the online rental application: Rental Application

It is recommended you complete the online application in one session. The form is designed to retain data in a web browser on the same device up to 24 hours but it is not guaranteed.

2) Print and sign the following form: Authorization to Release Information

Then scan or take a clear photo of the signed form and email to:

3) Scan and email all applicable supporting documentation below to:
  • copy of driver license for each adult applicant
  • copy of two most recent pay stubs (must reflect year-to-date earnings)
  • copy of W-2 forms for most recent two tax years
  • copy of two most recent bank statements (must include all pages)
  • other income documentation, as applicable (pension, child support, etc.)
      The following documentation is required only if you are self-employed or have alternative sources of income:
  • copy of two years most recent federal tax returns with all schedules & 1099 forms
  • copy of six most recent bank statements (must include all pages)
  • additional supporting documentation may be required based on your unique circumstances.
4) Once the above documentation is received, each adult applicant will receive a separate email with a link to a property management web site in order to obtain credit and background information.

Each adult applicant will then need to complete three steps:
  • create an account
  • authorize the landlord's request for a credit report, eviction search, and criminal background check
  • pay the $39.99 fee for the above reports
Please contact me within 24 hours of submitting items (1), (2), and (3) if you have not received the above email(s) to complete item (4).